Dr. Derviş Z. DENIZ


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Current Research Interests 

Call Admission Control (CAC) in multi-channel and wireless mobile multimedia networks. Dynamic Bandwidth Management (DBM). ISDN, ATM and high speed networks. Performance engineering and QoS. Network simulation. Distributed multimedia systems. Videoconferencing and applications. Video on Demand systems and their use in distance learning. Systems analysis and design for CIM applications. Software Engineering. Academic Decision Support Systems and their use in Assessment. Engineering education. Educational technology and its use. Remote laboratories. 



Seminars & Conferences

    - "Past, Present and Future of Computer Networks", CTEA, London, (1989).

    - "Advanced Computer Architectures: Latest Developments", EMU, TRNC, (1992). 

    -  "Internet - The Global Village", CTA&EA, Lefkosa, TRNC, (1994).

    -  "Centre for Information Technologies Research and Development", EMU, (1995).

    -  "Technology in Education", EMU, TRNC, (1998).

    -  "Advances in and Applications of Technology in Education", EMU, TRNC, (1999).

    -  Chair of the Organizing Committee, SIU'2001 Conference, Gazimağusa, TRNC, (2001).

Courses Taught at B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. Level (1991- )

EE111  Introduction to Computers

EE413  Data & File Structures

EE415  Structured Programming & Programming Tools

EE418/EEE474  Software Engineering

EE511  Data Communications & Computer Networks

EE512  Design, Analysis and Performance of Computer Networks

EE611  Advance Topics in Computer Networks.

Theses Supervised

- Nagla Mohamed, "Performance Analysis of CAC Strategies in Wireline and Wireless Multimedia Networks", PhD Thesis, July 2004.

- Cem Karaca, "Multi-Protocol VoD System for Distance Learning with Pedagogical Enhancements", MS. Thesis, Feb. 2004.

- Atilla Bulancak, "Web Kernel: Analysis and Design of a Web Kernel", MS. Thesis, Feb. 2003.

- Qaisar Q. Malik, "Modeling and Performance of CAC Strategies in Bufferless Multichannel Communication Systems", MS. Thesis, March, 2001.

- Ibrahim Ersan, "Design and Development of an Academic Decision Support System Software with Academic Performance Evaluation", MS. Thesis, April, 2000.

- Taswar Iqbal, "Measurement-Based MMPP Modeling of Voice Traffic in Computer Networks", MS. Thesis, Feb., 2000. 

- Hakan Yavuz, "Video-on-Demand System Design and Development for Distance Learning", MS. Thesis, July 1999. 

- Cem Topuz, "COMSIRA: Computer Supported Information Requirement Analysis Tool for SME's", MS. Thesis, Aug., 1998.

- Hurol Mear, "Performance of Rate Weighting Dynamic Bandwidth Management Policy Under Variable Traffic Conditions", MS. Thesis, Feb., 1998.

- Zeynep Latif, "LAN Traffic Measurement and Characterization", MS. Thesis, Mar., 1997. 

- Mustafa Buzun, "A Critical Survey of ISDN API's", MS. Thesis, Feb., 1997.

- Abdulkadir Gorur, "Performance of the Dynamic bandwidth management Policy Based on the Loop Control Method in ISDN", MS. Thesis, Feb., 1997.

- Aytac Cerkez, "Performance of the DBM Policy Based on the Rate Weighting Method in ISDN", MS. Thesis, July, 1995.

- Mehmet Gencer, "Comparison of Framing Modes for Superchannel Dormation in ISDNs", MS. Thesis, June, 1994.


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