Lecture Notes



Lecture Notes

Lecture 1:   Review on Functions in C (ppt)

Lecture 2:   Review on Arrays in C (ppt)

Lecture 3:   Review on Pointers in C (ppt)

Lecture 4:   Review on Structures in C (summary ppt, detailed ppt)

Lecture 4b: Dynamic Memory Allocation (ppt)

Lecture 5:   Introduction to Stack Data Structure (ppt)

Lecture 6:   Applications of Stack (INFIX, POSTFIX, PREFIX notations) (ppt)

                      POSTFIX Calculations (ppt)

Lecture 7:   INFIX to POSTFIX Conversion - (Power Point Example)

Lecture 8:   Queue Data Structure - Introduction (ppt)

Lecture 9:   Applications of Queue Data Structure - Priority Queues (ppt)

Lecture 10: Introduction to Linked Lists: Primitive functions for Linear Linked Lists (ppt)

Lecture 11: Linear Linked Lists  (Continued)

Lecture 12: Circular Linked Lists (ppt) - (C program)

Lecture 13: Doubly Linked Lists: Linear and Circular

Lecture 14: Binary Trees: Binary Tree Traversals and Basic Functions  -(ppt) - (Binary Tree Traversals-Animation)

Lecture 15: Applications on Binary search tree (Example 1)


A windows RAR file containing the C-Programs discussed in class so far can be downloaded here.

A Document on Ascii Codes can be downloaded from here.